The Samsung Galaxy S4 whats inside box

Published: 05th June 2013
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Hello all it's in the end arrived!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 I've been supposed on about for weeks saying I'll provide you with a packed review, well

at long last the box has turned up so let's start with the obligatory unboxing video.

Initial of all, Samsung need really gone to town on the boxes this time an estimated, it's sort of got this faux wood thing going on and that is very fetching I suppose.

Anyhow, let's in fact get inside this thing and need the very first proper look. And so there we choose huge awesome box.

Wow! No battery in it as so far but that is really light chassis, I have to say.

The screen completely seems big enough. Ideal, let's see just what more you get.

The obligatory Galaxy S4 quick start manual.

Everything's very sort of faux wooden going on there I become like I should feel signing the lumberjack track.

Therefore we've had gotten a few a bit more bits and pieces in there.

We've had gotten the charger there which will most likely take me a bit to get the job done out, there we go,

usb charger appearance like... let's have an easy look looks to be the exact same as the S3 charger, yep. We've got a big chunky Galaxy S4 power supply and that's our lot.

Let's get rid of that after that. And so, we get a cool set of headphones, well allegedly pleasant pair of headphones, with a few of separate finishes on available there.

We've have the usb cable energy adapter and the S4 and battery.

Now, quite away, let's need a look during the device alone.

Oh wow! That lower back cover's really shiny. Because of the synthetic taken off you may see it's have a proper kind of metal feel to it.

Or should I say, steel look to it? That is definitely truly one gorgeous front facing screen. it's absolutely huge on this.

Right, let's get a battery inside here shall we? Then that in return case will become very stiff. Just like the S3 one did

whenever they very first came out. Definitely in the long run that's supposed to flex up a little bit of chunk. Should feel quite very easy to pop in and off.

Should really invest a proper SIM card in right here with a memory card because well, shouldn't I really?

Let's go the whole hog. There's the past Galaxy S3 out of the way.

I understand this is an unboxing video, but come on, it wouldn't be an unboxing video without also a power-in would it?

That battery's not very easy to get out of there when you've got no nails!

There we choose. SIM card goes into that one. SD card into that one.

That's very interesting. Just from a hardware aim of see, if you look at the dimensions of the grille on Galaxy S4 compared to the egress holes

regarding the spine of the case something of a mismatch there. Big speaker small holes in it but we've started to expect that in the Samsung devices. Let's simply see the best way to get this case on is.

It appears to become really similar to the different one, just pop it on during the bottom and after that just clip it, all of the way round.

I don't become I can comment on how pleasant the icon searches! Let's delay until you in fact get Android up and flowing.

But truly you are able to tell that the screen is a high-resolution the content has a crispness to it. okay.

Additionally note how fast that booted up as well. That was an extremely really fast start duration but we are going to become back soon with the very first group of reviews.

We're possibly will be taking a slightly different type for s4 reviews this occasion around because there's a lot of features here to cram and try into one movie.

Therefore just what we'll feel doing, we'll feel breaking down all of the core features into split online videos and after that doing a round-up video which will largely review every single thing.

With a little luck we'll have the ability to match that into a fairly sized length video as opposed to some 45 minute thing like we usually have to do.

But this will be the Samsung Galaxy S4. It has been unboxed, it has been powered-up.Absolutely excellent!

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